• kris
    April 15th

    I hit up Chrome a while back about testing some bags just after my last Ivan got swooped. They were super cool and sent me out another to get me back carrying my life around with me. Haha. I rocked the last one for six months and loved the thing. Way more room than you’d ever need and a super comfy fit. I got my buddy Rad (his birth name no joke) to model the thing in all his sweaty glory today. There’s plenty of photos and a full review below…stay tuned for a review on the Brigadier to come!

    I dig the branding on the bag these days which I’m pretty sure is a bit updated from the bag I had. I think my last Ivan had a cloth logo on the front, no logos on the strap adjusters and defintely no logos on the hooks for the main pockets. The hooks on the front are now laser engraved and polished which looks real purdy.

    The main pocket is waterproof and quite roomy. I dont think I’ve ever maxed out the capacity on this thing carrying everything from clothes to beer to groceries. There’s a 12 pack and a 6 pack in there in this flick…its friday…with more than enough room for some food and possibly a small animal.

    Front pockets on these are waterproof as well and perfect for holding a lock or small camera. I use these spots to hold paperwork, pens and things I need to grab real quick as well.

    There’s a pocket off the main spot that’s a bit smaller vertically but waterproof just the same. It’s pefect for dropping a laptop or binder in and keeping it safe from the elements.

    Below is the the pocket right up against the main storeage with about the same dimensions. I don’t use this spot all that much as it takes away from the larger holding area of the bag. However, you could defintiely drop some stuff in here to split the main load if you have some potentially soaking stuff and some dry goods.

    This last bit I’m stoked on. Velcro holders on the straps are whats up and should be on every bag. If I needed a cell or walkie holster I could toss one on. I run my iMiNUSD iDLoop attachment on here in case I need to hook something on and to clip a skully boom to when I don’t feel like rocking headphones. Works out super awesome.