• kris
    July 26th

    Earlier this week I picked up a District from the nice people at Chrome have already begun putting it to work. Yesterday I decided to see what I could fit into the beast that would be practical for a day of fixed freestyle/blogging. I was pretty stoked as I started packing my goods into the District to find that it can haul a good bit of stuff for such a small bag. There was easily enough room for everything pictured below and then some while keeping a good and comfy fit on my back. Beers, tools, computer, ipod, stickers, lock, pegs and more all tucked away nicely for easy carrying to spots. I’ll be taking with me as sesh stuff in the next month or so to get a feel for how this beast hold up. As far as I can tell, and the photos below show, I wont be needing another bag for cruising around town with any time in the near future. If you want to roll with a District of your own grab onehere! Peep a slew of shots I took of mine yesterday after the jump…