• kris
    August 3rd

    Here’s some flicks of the second pair of Chrome shoes I’ll be reviewing…the Dresdens. These bad boys are what I’ll be wearing on the bike to see how they hold up to tricks and commuting. So far I’m already digging they way they feel. Nice grip on the pedals tricking (no straps ;)) and in the straps on my track bike. Low profile so you can move your feet freely and keep things light as well. Like the rest of the Chrome line these have the reflective bit on the back which is real nice. Rocking the metal tipped laces same as the Riverton’s but these guys also have metal eyelets. I figure this will be for tricking to keep em from getting too shredded. Sooo be on the lookout for a review of both these kicks side by side here in the not too distant future!