• kris
    August 1st

    A couple of days ago I got my hands on a some fresh kicks from the friends at Chrome. I was in need of some foot covers that dont reek so you can bet i was stoked. I got a pair of the Rivertons to kick around in and some Dresdens to get down on the bike with. In the coming weeks I’ll be doing a little side by side comparison of the two and how they’ve held up to both riding and running the streets. Here’s a little first look at the Rivertons with a bunch of photos after the click. Check back tomorrow for some initial flicks of the Dresdens too!

    First impression of these bad boys is that they’re real nice. Comfy thus far for the first day of wearing them. Dig the reflective bit on the back of the heel and the metal tipped laces. Insole is nice and cushy and they fit real snug. I was told that Chrome shoes fit a bit snug which has turned out to be true. Instead of the usual 13 I grabbed a 12 and they fit just about right. Digging these.