• kris
    October 2nd

    I was stoked to meet up with the Hiplok dudes at Interbike this year to see what’s new. They’ve been making solid security options for  urban cycling scene going on a couple of years now with new stuff constantly on the way. After checking out the new goods and talking a bit about what I do on the daily they were rad enough to get me one of the V1.50 locks to try out.

    I’ve used it a bunch since then both at work and running around town with no complaints. It’s relatively light, sits comfortably on the waist and is far easier than similar chains  to take off when you’re not using it. While my ulock is a bit faster locking up on runs this guy doesn’t dig into my back or rip my belt to shreds. Also worth noting that the rounded key hole in the lock is pretty neat and probably a pain in the ass to try picking.  Look for a full review after a while and some more Hiplok products on here in the future. Click through for a little gallery!