• kris
    December 30th

    As many of you know i don’t run straps on my trick bike and likely never will. I’ve tried out a couple pair of Hold Fasts and loved the feel of them but still couldn’t get down on tricks with straps. However, when putting together a fast bike or something just to cruise on im all for some sort of foot retention. A few weeks back i got in contact with Jonas of Sofus Francisco about his [Titan] straps. I was curious if there had ever been a review on the classy looking bits and also filled him in on my latest build. For the vintage Bianchi track build i wanted to stray from the normal cages and leather doubles but keep the thing looking moderately classy. I remembered seeing the [Titan] a while back and having posted a bit about it knew what i was looking for. Jonas was down for some testing and hooked it up with some custom straps that read lockedcog on their inners and in a couple snazzy colorways at that. Im loving the leather look! I actually put these on before my ride home last night to give them a little tester and they felt super good! Real comfy and way easy to get in to. These came off before i got a chance to take photos of them mounted to pedals but ill post an update with those this weekend. Peep the specs and photos below and be on the look out for a full review once i put some time in on them!

    (Perhaps ill hit a few spots with them on too and see whats up trick wise…no promises though haha)

    The buckles are similar to quite a few other straps on the market with two double buckles that you lace the nylon straps through in a “double back” fashion for lack of a better description. Its tried and true design and i had no problems hopping, climbing or cruising around in them on the initial trial last night.

    The nylon straps that thread through the pedal are reinforced with an addition piece of webbing of a different pattern. This area is what makes contact with the pedals when you pull up on the straps…some extra material is a good idea.

    Lastly, on the underside of the leather top strap is a piece of velcro that attaches the leather top and buckles to the inner portion and straps. This keep the straps locked together in the position you first adjust them to. Makes the little guys fit the same way every time you slide into ’em.