• kris
    June 11th

    Alec from Trakke sent over some info on their company this morning and I’m pretty impressed by the quality of their stuff! The waxed cotton on their Mule Mk2 looks so clutch. Waxed fabrics are awesome in that they are both water resistant and generally break in as they’re used rather than wear out. The stainless hardware on these looks pretty stellar and should stand up to everyday use. AustriAlpin Cobra buckles are beastly…and they got em! I would love to try one of these on to see how they fit but I’ll just have to trust that they fit as well as they do in the photos! This is a new offering form Trakke though they do have some accessories as well in the way of wax for your bags, ulock holsters and a couple tees. Click through for more photos of the Mule then jump over and check all their goods out!