• kris
    August 18th

    Came across a video this morning that reminded me of an email I got a while back. Seemed like a good idea to post up both these bike racks together.

    Urban City Bike Shelves:

    Don’t really dig the name on these first ones…but obviously a decent marketing strategy there ha. They look pretty fresh though with that dark stained cherry or walnut. Definitely have a classier feel to them compared to metal racks. A bit pricey at $150 but a nice alternative to other wall mount systems out there. Check them at the Urban City web spot

    Elevate Bike Rack:

    I got an email in June about these bad boys from Elevate out of Texas. Elevate’s rack is really similar with the main difference being the price really. The bottom of the shelf is enclosed unlike the Urban bit but they seem to mount and work in the same way. Elevate is offing theirs on their Etsy store and they come in a three different price and wood options. It’s only $60 for a birch and cedar piece, $100 for some poplar and $160 for walnut. Digging the options for sure. Snag some more info on the Elevate page!