• kris
    November 29th

    Ive been a fan of the parts that Yobi has been putting out for some time now. Especially the hubs. Looks like there some newer versions up for grabs right now! I personally dig the high flange hubs but both of these are beautiful. Yobi was nice enough to send me one of the track rings so be on the lookout for a review and some test photos of one of the Yobi rings once i get it. Itll be going on my track build that i’ll be piecing together. So stoked!

    Edit: After talking to Yobi he sent me some better photos of the two hubs he is currently making…the “Superior” and the standard flange hub.

    The “Superior” track hub has a removable hub flange that actually won a the Hungarian design award (more on that to come). I’m hoping to pick up a set of these for the track build as well when i get the funds…these things are gorgeous:

    The standard hub is a low flange but just as sexy track hub: