• kris
    March 29th

    Last week I posted about some big changes on the way this year and here’s one of them that I could not be more stoked about. As most of you know I don’t usually run straps on my freestyle bike or at least haven’t in the past few years. After talking with some friends in the industry who really know whats good I decided to give them a whirl again. Not sure how or if it will affect my riding but with the drastic change in freestyle rides over the past couple years I’m curious to find out. I’m stoked to be a part of the Zontrac family and to have the opportunity to rep a brand that is constantly putting in work and with has solid team. Look for more from them as we work on some stuff in the coming months. Huge shout out to Jan at Zontrac for the being so cool about getting me on board and being excited about what’s to come!