• kris
    October 4th

    Well in short yes, ESPN has written about fixed gears. Something that probably non of us saw coming. Mary Buckheit the young lady who wrote the article is either somewhat into bikes or did her research really well. The article is written well and doesnt really do any damage to the fixed gear scene.

    There’s a new fix-ture of urban living.

    Just as bulky SUVs and expensive luxury vehicles have lost their cool with the kids in the city, so too have mega mountain bikes with tiers of teeth, and carbon-fiber, gazillion-geared, Tour-de-Finance roadsters.

    Stand on any street corner and you’re bound to spot a sporty and simple breed of speed. They’re everywhere — sewing through New York traffic, circling the squares of Boston, flying down San Francisco hills and hanging from the hooks of Portland’s public transport.

    Though fixed-gear bicycles have been experiencing an urbanite riding renaissance for the past decade, they’ve been around for centuries and obviously preceded their multispeed brethren. (The first Tour de France was staged in 1903. Roger Lapebie, who won the Tour in 1937, was the first to win it on a geared bike. You do the math.) read the rest

    urbanvelo.com pointed this out to us. Thanks Guys