Sunday, September 30th, 2012 9:07 pm

The Crew

Posted by: kris

The dudes that bring you stuff to peel over every day. This is us:


Kris Fay:

Occupation: Courier, Digital Media, FGFS and this lovely place.
Years Riding: 5
Sponsors: Concept Bikes, Unknown, God & Famous, Zontrac, iMiNUSD and Slurp Cult





Alex Rodriguez:

Occupation: Forklifter
Years Riding: 5
Sponsors: Destroy Bikes and Eighthinch




Phillip Arellano:

Occupation: Free lance photographer, full time party monster.
Years Riding: 4
Sponsors: Spike, Burro, Koalition, Altar Tribe and Ratpack




Alex Gonzalez:

Occupation: Kingpin Skateshop
Years Riding: 4
Sponsors: BB17, Spike, American Icon and Pedal Hard



Ramon Antonio:

Occupation: ReRack and Still Pour
Years Riding: - -
Sponsors: - -