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    November 4th

    If there’s one dude that’s been at the forefront of fixed freestyle media the past few years it’d have to be Zane Meyer. With his resume spanning an array of video projects I was pumped when he hit me up about his most recent one. After pulling together an epic trip to Bangkok last year he’ll be traveling back and beyond to show his new film Bangkok Bound. I checked in with him last week for a few questions on the project and what’s new in his world…click through for the full read!



    1. I got a chance to peep the rough cut of Bangkok Bound and it looks like one hell of a trip. Definitely a wild scene out there and  you had the perfect crew to keep things fun.  What should people expect from this little travel flick?


    This edit was a lot fun to put together. Like all my edits, It’s definitely music driven and shows a good amount of “Lifestyle/True Reality. My music choice in this is more psychedelic then what people are used to. Also captured some priceless moments like Steven jumping over a security’s scooter while the security guard was sleeping. Obviously Combs being Combs and having the locals messing around.

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    July 1st

    After teaming up with Zane on the Instagram contest we have going UNTIL TOMORROW we decided to drop a little 11 Questions on ya. Haven’t done one in a while and haven’t ever done one with a videographer so I’m pretty stoked on this. Zane’s at the forefront of fixed freestyle right now via his involvement with UVT and the successful Can’t Fool the Youth Series. I know a lot of dudes grew up watching 411 videos on the regular so what the CFTY series has brought to the scene is welcomed. Here’s a look into the brain of Zane Meyer…and don’t forget to jump on the Instagram contest before its too lateee.


    (filming Matt Reyes wall 180)


    1) How long have you been riding/involved with the scene?


    ZANE: I got my first bike in 2009. An SE Lager.


    (the early days)


    2) After spending time with some of the top riders on issues 1 and 2 what do you see in store for the future of FGFS?


    ZANE: FGFS has so much potential. The peak has not hit yet especially seeing these Young Gunz pushing the scene. I have always looked at skateboarding as a great parallel to FGFS. The early 2009 days were our “Dog Town” years trying to figure everything out. Now we are in the early 80’s era of skateboarding. The bikes are dialed now, riders perfecting their style and traeling around the world. Bigger companies are going to come in the next year or two and really put this sport on the map for the world to see. I truly believe some riders will make a career outof this sport.


    3) I’m sure you’re stoked on CFTY as a whole but you have to like one section more than the others…which one?


    ZANE: That’s hard. I love the griminess of the road trip. Everyone went hard. Friends section is always fun to edit but Devon’s part was my favorite. Slum and I filmed it and Slum put it together really well.


    4) Editing video means late nights in front of the computer. Favorite fast food joint at 2AM?


    ZANE: No fast food for me. Water and sunflower seeds are usually what I’m eating while editing. Got to get of the seeds…


    5) What motivated you to make the jump from just being into bikes to beingdirectly involved in the industry?


    ZANE: I have had great opportunities come my way. I have always done the video media for Us Versus Them. James Banuelous introduced FGFS to UVT and was managing the team at the time. When Gus first started riding with us I started filming with him and he introduced me to all the Long Beach riders. James later brought  Steven Jensen on the team and gave me the chance to run it. Day 1 I welcomed Devon Lawson and just recently brought Dew Sippawit on board. Then about a year ago I joined Colby (Elrick) & Corbin (Dahl) to run SKYLMT. Stay tuned for big things coming!


    (filming Steven Jensen)


    6) Now that issue 2 is under your belt is what can everyone expect to peep in issue 3?


    ZANE: Issue 1 i filmed and edited just about everything myself. Issue 2 Matt Reyes, Jeff Dempler, Mike Schmitt and Omar (Sebai) helped film and sent in clips. Issue 3 and future issues from here on out will consist of more footage from different filmers. Issue 3 specifically will have a day in the life section. I’m also looking into doing a photo book for issue 3 with the DVD and Gus’s zine inside.


    (Matt Reyes shooting a Jakob Santos double peg for CFTY2)


    7) If you make action sports videos you’ve got to have a favorite…drop one or two and why?


    ZANE: Favorite videos…I grew up skateboarding so I would say 411 Video Magazine. Loved that format. That’s where a lot of the influence came from for CFTY. Fulfill the Dream and any Girl?Chocolate video.


    8) CFTY filled a void for FGFS in my book. What are some overall goals for the series?


    ZANE: Thanks! I would say just to keep filming and the culture and lifestyle that surrounds FGFS.


    9) I know you’re a busy dude with a lot of projects going. What inspires you to keep pushing forward?


    My dad always told me hands are better full than empty. The best inspiration is having creative content in your life. I’m always trying to surround myself with creative people.


    10) Any tips for aspiring filmmakers out there looking to get something started?


    ZANE: Always have your camera around your neck. A lot of the content in my videos were not planned out but just me capturing reality. I wouldn’t go to film school unless someone is paying you.


    11) Shoutouts to the homies?!


    Shout outs…so many…My best friends Vanessa has always stuck by me through my highs and lows. Big shout out to the UVT Fam. Every single person in FGFS that is still pushing the sport. Colby, Matt Reyes, Jeff Dempler, Mike Schmitt and Omar for being involved in the last issue!


    February 25th

    When Jball hit me up asking about the 3:30 series there was no hesitation. Kid’s got style and tricks for days not to mention he won the last major pro comp at Epic last December. Having been looking to start a new batch I was stoked that he was down to start them off. He we out with Omar Sebai and some of the homies to get some clips that week to shoot over. By some I mean more than enough solid stuff that could just as easily have been used in a solo edit. Good shit in here for sure. We finally get to see that wall to bar clip that was in his interview a bit back and there’s plenty of tech stuff in the mix. JB…you kill my man. Thanks again for getting these to me dudes!




    Charles Albright – “I’m A Fine Young Man and I’m Doing So Well”


    HD version will be swapped out…was having sound and embed issues. JB kills it anyway so who really cares! Also, I scrapped the annoying alarm clock intro until I make something else…seemed people weren’t too into it…and I was over it haha.

    January 7th

    I’m pretty sure I asked Matt to do one of the 11 Questions things at last years Midwest Mayhem? Not too sure but I know it was a hell of a long time ago and is way overdue. Being the solid dude that he is I sent him some long overdue questions and he was more than happy to oblige. He hits some valid points on the game and lets you know what he’s up to. Peep it. Thanks again to Matt for doing this…hopefully see you down south soon!

    I’ll start is off with his SKYLMT edit because its too good. Click through for the whole piece.



    1) Who are you…you know…what people call you, how long you’ve been roaming the Earth and where you choose to reside.


    Matt Spencer. A while ago Fonseca tried to coin me as “silky” but I don’t really fuck with nicknames. 23 years old and just moved up to Hollywood a few months ago.


    2) Years spent killing your knees on your bike?


    About 4 and a half years riding fixed now.


    3) What kind of stuff do you do when you aren’t on your bike? I know you’ve said before that bikes aren’t your life but just a piece of it…what are some of the other pieces?


    I do tons of shit. Into filming and editing almost as mush as I am riding. I run my WOLFDRAWN site, which is pretty, much 100% original content and I make some products for the blog. Also, have a non-bike related clothing line on the side I have recently started that’s doing good SOWET69.COM. Do some freelance design work here and there. Then after all of that I try to have some kind of a life and go out and party.

    November 27th

    Chances are if you’ve been riding fixed freestyle for a bit you know who Rick is. One of the original dudes from MKE, ripper for sure and one hell of a photographer. Lately Rick’s place in FGFS has shifted to being behind the lens more. He’s taken an interest in showing everyone what some of the top dudes right now can get out of their bikes and does it well. Chances are you’ve seen some of his images, a few of which are below, littered about the net. Lately I noticed that Rick has some opinions on the state of fixed freestyle right now that may or may not be pretty accurate depending on your point of view. I think they’re pretty on point. He’s been around for some time and he’s still out there putting in work. This is 11 Questions with Rick Anderson:


    1) Where you from? What do you do? How long you been riding…you know…the usual?


    RICK: I grew up in the suburbs of Illinois, no job as of right now but i’m in school for photography with a commercial focus at Columbia College in Chicago. i’ve been riding for like 3 years i think.


    2) You’ve been around since the early days of this fixed freestyle business. Best memory of the past few years?


    RICK: The first Midwest Mayhem definitely holds a spot, but overall i think the road trips i went on with Kris and Antonyo when they still lived in milwaukee were the best. I say that probably because i don’t see them anymore really, but the all city champs road trip was probably the best out of all of them.


    3) I’ve noticed a lot of solid photos coming from your brain. How’s that going?


    RICK: Lately i’ve been putting in a lot more time, studying a lot of work, and practicing to further pin down a specific style. I think really enjoying the images i create is a new experience for me, and enjoying them because of the positive feedback i get from other people. I think its taken me a while to get a name out there, and shooting with bigger names helps to say the least. i don’t think i’m all the way there in terms of technical understanding, especially when it comes to off camera lighting, but i’m certainly starting to produce work i’m personally stoked on.


    4) A lot of your shots circle the blogs on the regs. Have a favorite shot or favorite rider to shoot?


    RICK: I don’t like to play favorites, but Tom LaMarche is probably the easiest to shoot with. If you’ve seen the photo i shot of him doing that 3 off the roof, what you probably don’t know is that he did that, and landed it at least 3 separate times, purely for the sake of getting the right angle.

    (here’s that huge one of Tom from a bit ago that is too sick. )


    5) There seems to be a lot of stuff going on in the game these days. Thoughts on the changing scene and where its going?


    RICK: I think fixed gear is in a weird place personally. Some people think its going to just die out, but i think its proven ground in terms of it being legitimate time and time again. On the other hand, theres still little to no money in a lot of companies. People have to put out edits for scraps if anything, which puts a damper on content flow and overall motivation. Also, i’d quote Tom on this, but essentially the entire scene is on the west coast, primarily california. So i think its hard to maintain that validity as a sport when it only exists on one side of the country, its pretty crazy to me that theres only a few kids riding in places like New York City, or even here in Chicago. On top of that, there also seems to be very little coverage of the sport as of late, i think in its early days it was supported solely by the blogs, and John Watson seemed to have a heavy hand in the growth of the sport in that. But now theres only a handful of good photographers and videographers that have an interest in documenting the riding. in addition to “Coverage”, Print publications, and Movies… In the day and age of the internet where hundreds of edits and internet zines are released a year, stuff like Death Pedal 2, and Cog Magazine stick out over all. In my opinion, That’s the stuff that sticks in your head, tangible media definitely needs a bigger place in fixed gear. That all being said, i think it’s still in its early stages and people are getting a lot better with each year, so right now i think theres some work to be done.


    6) Now forget about everyone else…what do YOU see on the horizon?


    RICK: Right now, just getting through school and travelling as much as i can. Eventually putting out a real edit is up there on the list.


    (in case you were curious Rick can definitely put out a real edit. this one is fire and about a year old)


    7) Any major shifts you think necessary to keep this thing we all love moving along?


    RICK: Getting rid of stuff like Ride N Style. That stuff has it’s place and it’s called the X-games, fixed gear is not a spectacle sport, and the sooner we come to terms with that, the closer we are to legitimacy.


    8) How about a top 5 riders killing it right now?


    RICK: Everyone knows about dudes like Torey, Tom, Joe, Antonyo, etc. but i think the dudes that are definitely moving up are (in no specific order) Jackson Bradshaw, Murder B, Finn Zygowski, Sam Hanson, and that Jaoa dude. keep an eye out.


    (one of my favorite shots of Antonyo blasting a quarter for Wrahw)



    9) Now I know you prefer to be out shooting people out hitting spots…but you definitely still roll around. Drop a few tracks that you listen to to get stoked to ride?


    RICK: Honestly i dont ride to music, i just enjoy the company of cruising with friends, thats kind of the idea of it right?


    10) Everyone has a favorite edit. Hell there’s usually a few. Anything that stands out in your mind as more solid than the rest?


    RICK: For fixed gear as a whole, Shred Well, easily. But As of late, even though its slightly biased, i seriously think that edit with Antonyo and Elliot in Seoul was one of the best fixed freestyle edits ever. that being said, theres tons and i’m being forced to pick one, but in terms of style and innovation that edit sticks out, for this year at least.


    (here’s that bit from Unknown)


    11) Favorite critter roaming this earth and why?


    RICK: Blue Whale, no contest. they’re the largest and the loudest animals on the planet and they’re sweeter than puppy dogs.


    December 23rd

    Since Phillip posted his first edit FIXIE! six months ago I’ve been stoked on his riding. You can tell he’s really going out and getting things done…over 20 edits in 6 months is pretty major. I dig his style and how fast he’s been getting new tricks down. It’s kind of hard to deny that he’s putting in work for sure. Luckily he’s got a solid filmer and photographer, Sam Clark, helping him put out some quality stuff like the photos you see here. Dynamic duo? Ha. As far as I can tell Phil Will is a humble dude that just loves bikes and I definitely respect that. Most people have seen him on the internets but may not really know who the dude is. Sooo I had a chance to pick his brain this week and this is what I came up with. If you find a stray cat it just might be his girl’s haha. Enjoy!

    1. So who are you? Name, age, location, time riding, pets, favorite color…all the creepy stuff.

    My name is Phillip Williams / SHARK. I am 26 years old. I currently live in a igloo in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

    My lady has 2 cats Mocha and Princess. She also adopted her sister’s cat Chico until she is found…contact me immediately if you have seen her lol.

    I have been fixed for like 9 months now. I ride for Destroy Bikes, Dorcia Distribution, and Ynot.

    2. What got you stoked on riding fixed? How’d you first get into this weird thing we all love?

    I always thought it looked interesting but, I never had the money. Until I got destroyed on my BMX and my back made the decision for me. It was a time for a change I went to a local BMX store in Burlington called JIBS BMX where I work now. My boss was stoked on the idea of it and got me onto a Volume Thrasher. I guess when Burlington came into my life I got my first experience with LOVE and I have been addicted since.

    3. Who’s riding are you the most stoked on right now and why?

    Kyle Messier the owner of THE FIX he is one of my homies and dude simply shreds. Him and I are always thinking of something whether it is different bike set ups or what is possible on a fix.

    4. There’s a pretty good diversity of riding out there these days. What are you more juiced on seeing…style? Tech? Gnar?

    Hmm I guess I could sum that up by saying a couple shredders Kyle Messier, Daniel Torres,

    Kenny Arimoto and GRIME. They keep me inspired and stoked on FGFS.

    5. If you could be any animal what would you be? What kind of activities would you do on the daily? Some Godzilla shit?!

    A Shark… I would be on the hunt for all the haters out there because there are too many in this ocean.

    6. What’s up with your bike? I know you just got something pretty new built up…give us a little run down.

    I just built up the Destroy Masochist this week and honestly it is the best frame I have ridden. The basic reason is it very similar to the Unicorn Killer but, just with a higher top tube which is all I needed since I am tall. Destroy frames feel solid and can hold up to a beating. I need to build up a new wheel set but, haven’t had the time. Wheels suck! I have just been trying to ride with the little bit of warmth we have left.

    Frame: Masochist
    Fork: Volume Thrasher
    Headset: Odyssey
    Stem: Demolition
    Bars: Your Dream
    Grips: Odyssey Cuff links
    Cranks: Wethepeople 175mm
    Sprocket: Eight inch 35T
    Pedals: Animal Hamilton
    Straps: Ynot
    Chain: DK Exo
    Seat: Sadio Grime
    Seat Post: Alienation
    Front Wheel: Halo SAS > Sadio Hub > KHE 2.1
    Rear Wheel: Vintage
    Pegs: Cinema 4140 (Front) Shadow Toxic (Rear)
    Cog: 13T

    7. You’ve been beyond productive since you started putting out edits and such. What keeps you motivated and fending off negativity?

    I would say all of my sponsors, my boss, my homie James and Sam keep me thinking straight because some times the goon wants to come out of me but, I try to look forward and stay positive. I try to express myself through my edits and the songs I choose.

    “Why shoot you a bright future ahead of me, I am already nice trying to make a better me!”
    – Hook from the Chrome entry song

    At the most part I get mad respect from tons of peeps out there who really ride. Too many to give shout outs too!! Like I said before mad respect for everyone who takes the time to check out my edits or hit me up on internet. I try to look at the big picture and let my riding speak for itself. It definitely keeps me progressing and moving forward. Honestly haters keep me motivated because they will always be where they are now no where.

    8. Most people in FGFS come from something else…BMX, skateboarding, roller derby…you do anything else?

    Ahhh nope I have pretty much always ridden a bike in some shape or form.

    9. When you aren’t riding what else are you getting into?

    My life… work, my lady, designing, internet, mossin, hot tubing and figuring when I will be able to ride again.

    10. Top five places you want to visit/ride?

    1. California
    2. Montreal
    3. New York
    4. Europe
    5. Thailand

    11. If you were going to be stranded on an island Castaway status what’s the one thing you’d take with you and why? No bikes allowed :).

    A scooter because I know I would never be bored too much fun.