• kris
    January 29th

    These 14R track dropouts have progressed nicely. The most recent versions have a serial number on the underside of the left drop. Not the first place a thief would look if your bike got swooped for sure. Classy stuff as always from 14.

    January 15th

    I just popped over to FGL for the first time in a while and it looks like the dudes are in the middle of a little update. Spotted these 14r build in process photos paired up with a little note that the site, team and crew have some things in store this year. Stay on them because these dudes have been in the game for years and it looks like they have a bunch of stuff in store for us.

    March 10th

    Im sure this will be up on 14 Bike Co. eventually with a bit more info but regardless im liking this video. Proof that you can edit a piece real nice and not necessarily need music. Well done by Blunt Films.

    March 1st

    Missed this one from 14 Bike Co. a few days ago. Oscar and Ted get pretty fancy in this…plus theres a good amount of gnar bails, dirt and fun spots. Definitely enjoyed this bit.

    February 17th

    Caught this on 14 Bike Co. this morning…the 2011 FGL catalog is now live with a bunch of new and old goods. I love legit lookbooks and catalogs…i feel like they do a ton for a brand. For a dedicated group of friends the Fixed Gear London dudes are doing it right!

    October 5th

    This bit from 14 Bike Co. is too funny. Hopefully when i get around to opening my shop i got pigeons stopping by every day…keeps things interesting. Ha.

    August 11th

    I saw this earlier today and wanted to start drooling. If your not into compression plugs and are having issued with starnuts…these bad bits are going to be featured on 14 Bike Co.’s ESB frames. I looks like it might be just as simple as a threaded steerer on the fork but there arent too many deets on the 14 Bike Co. bloggy…just yet.

    June 22nd

    These things are looking proper! Ted taking his logo and sticking it on the front end of all the bikes he personally builds. Id love to see some quality head badges make a solid comeback in the near future…a few people are already getting to it. In the same post these shots are form on 14 Bike Co., there is nice little update about the ESBs. Quite a few people have been wondering where and how to snag these and its about to get easier and cheaper with streamlined production process and a few tweaks. Keep and eye out!

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    May 27th

    Its been a bit since All Track went down…but its never too late for some contest footage. Spotted this bit at the 14 Bike Co spot.

    April 15th

    Love this photo. Dirt trails are way fun on these things, give it a go if you havent. Nabbed from the 14 Bike Co. flickr.