• kris
    November 5th

    Zach sent over his latest ZLGBTQ offering earlier tonight and I’d have to say these turned out pretty rad. Teaming up with 19tooth to get your feet secure and looking good. Dig the gold logo Zloggy has been using lately. These are limited so grab a pair before they’re gone!

    March 29th

    Brian from 19Tooth shot this cool news over to me. Their Kanggoo hip pouch will be coming out next month and it’s looking mighty fine. Seems to hold a ton, made of 16000d polyester and apparently the strap adjusts enough to wear as a shoulder bag! Pretty dope.

    March 14th

    Brian from 19Tooth sent this over this over a bit ago. Looks like Alex Nunez is getting a nice little signature to rep the brand. Logo on the back is pretty sweet with a little Christian Hosoi like style in there. Reminds me of the old Lockedcog Zombie Tees too…only a lot sicker haha. Type treatment on the Nunez logo looks real sick too. Check the post on these here