• kris
    February 24th

    So im pretty sure this is fixtape number 3 not 4 as the title says…regardless i always like these bits from Ronnie and 407. I actually saw this go up yesterday but the thumbnail on vimeo looked like a beach cruiser so i passed on watching it haha. Glad i checked it today!

    January 26th

    Fun one from 407 Fixed Gear. Gotta love the freestyle beat boxin. Haha.

    January 7th

    Fresh piece from 407 Fixed with some nasty food intake at the beginning. I spent about 10 minutes looking at scorpion pictures after i watched this haha. Anywho, some solid trick in this one especially that gap at the end.

    July 10th

    Solid edit from the 407 duders!

    June 20th

    This got lost in my email while i was gone…the next installment of the Rat Race by 407 Fixed. From what ive seen over the last couple of years their events never disappoint…get there if youre out that way!

    Read More….

    June 7th

    Nice little teaser from the 407 dudes…probably been around a bit but thats how itll most likely be for the next couple weeks. Ill post when i can though!

    May 28th

    After all the teasers…this little popper of a vid is up. Check it! 407 doing it up good.

    May 18th

    From the 407 heads. Sorry for the lack of updates…its finals week of the last week of college for the rest of my life. Ha. Woot.

    March 8th

    Teddy Bears! Get the gritty at 407 Fixed.

    February 18th

    Diggin the shot at the end…keep up on 407 for some stuffs!