• kris
    July 16th

    Here’s a pretty slick one of James Wright of the 5th Floor cruising around. Really upbeat with the tunes and dudes pretty quick…good clip to get you in the mood for a ride today!

    November 30th

    I like this…and id definitely wear it. Nice sentiment from Jam Factory haha. Spotted at The 5th Floor

    November 4th

    The 5th Floor upped a fresh tee they worked on with Brother Cycles. Theyre up for preorder now and are limited to 20 pieces so if youre into the bronze on black id grab it now. Free shipping around the world too!

    September 10th

    And here’s another trip video to Eurobike…this one coming from the 5th floor crew. Looks like such a killer time! Really want to get a few people together for a little road trip here soon too. So much fun.