• kris
    November 23rd

    8Bar has easily remained one of the most dedicated fixed criterium teams on the circuit while keeping things equally as fun. What better way to spice up Red Hook Milan than throwing some whip skids in the mountains en route. Races aside this looks too damn fun…


    November 5th

    8Barjust teamed up with MotörReeen for an awesome limited run of custom painted V5 KRZBERG‘s. It looks like there’s only 10 of these “rusty” so if you like what you see you better grab one quick. Pop over to 8Bar for a closer look and all the details!


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    December 22nd

    There’s really nothing quite like bike adventures and the 8bar crew know this well. 200+ miles from Berlin to Praque sans map…sign me up! Fat chance for most to make it to Berlin so luckily we can sit back and watch Stefan and Max form the team make us jealous. These dudes are always on the go so keep up with them for more cool stuff like this!