• kris
    September 5th

    I remember seeing Addison at Ride and Style this year killing it. It was a photo of him that was my favorite of what I shot at the event this year. Definitely had no idea that the dude that won the race and most of the Mini Drome events shredded FGFS too. Pretty cool. Some park riding in here along with some fast stuff with him talking about bikes. Not a bad little piece!

    April 29th

    I had a blast yesterday at Red Bull’s Ride N’ Style! I took more photos than I ever have at any event, I’m sun burnt, exhausted but so stoked to have been able to meet up with friends and see the sickest fixed gear event ever. I’m going to start off with a couple of results posts before I jump into posting flicks of all the riders. Here’s the track racing results with a few flicks from the race!

    First Place: Addison Zawada. This kid is ridiculously fast! Having already take five Minidrome events, including the SF event last Thursday, he was no doubt the rider to watch. Every race this Addison went into he charged the course and came out on top. Pretty sure he even bailed in one run around and still came back to the finish first. Walton Brush certainly gave him a run for his money but in the end Addison pushed hard and took the win.

    Second Place: If you’ve been riding fixed for a decent amount of time chances are you know both of the next two dudes. Coming in second place after taking a spill in the finals is Mash‘s Walton Brush. Dude wins all kinds of races and has been in the game for a while…no surprise he just barely missed first!

    Third Place: Another quick one was Hernan Montenegro. A long time fixture in the bike scene riding all sorts of things. Sadly I can’t find any flicks in what I have though I’m sure I took some. I’m going to look again and hopefully I just skipped some!

    All in all the races were way exciting to watch with a ton of people taking spills, charging the course and even running across the finish line haha. Ill have some more flicks up of all the riders this week!