• Chris Yang
    March 2nd

    Spent some free time in UK couple of weeks ago and I was amazed to see this DKlein X Adidas Originals shoes displaying on the shelf. With no hesitation, I swooped it into my cartel! The shoe is perfectly presenting the Commotion of Dustin’s famous mark. I think this one is super rare and hard to be found in every country…make sure you go to check out his Everything’s Been Done for latest artwork and info.



    June 10th

    Adidas has long had their hands in and out of cycling usually teaming up with top notch brands. They’ve done it again this time launching a campaign with 8bar that includes these team skinsuits. A perfect match for their current race rides with more stuff on the way. Peep more stellar images and all the info here!


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    March 3rd

    It’s no secret that Adidas has had a hand in urban cycling over the past few years. However, I’d go on on a limb to say this is their best attempt at making a move into the market with this super rad Bombtrack collabo. They went and did up some Divide completes with Adidas branding and custom paint to match the new Street Crew series of bags. These rides are limited to 50 pieces of awesome and can be seen at 32 Adidas locations worldwide. More on Bombtrack!



    August 20th

    Well this sure makes Auckland New Zealand looks way fun to ride. Looks like this is an entry for this Adidas NZ contest and a damn good one at that. Well edited with a nice little story to follow. Why don’t we have a contest like this in the states? Nifty idea.

    April 3rd

    I get stoked when I see commercials with fixed stuff in them. There’s been a handful of bits like this supporting big brands, in this case Adidas, that goes to show riding fixed has really gone somewhere. Some people may think its wack but with decent looking vids like this one and the HTC one that came out for the Tour last year I’m definitely down with it. Sick.

    April 12th

    A little catch-up from this morning…wanted to get these up earlier buuut i failed. Ill have to say, these came out pretty spiffy. Often when companies try to reference a once popular model of something, be it fashion related or not, they seem to miss something. Looks like Brooklyn Machine Works and Adidas got these right. Obviously the colors wont be to everyone’s liking, but that’s like saying not everyone like to drink beer. Its a fact, but if youre into them then a otay. Ive actually been riding in some Adidas for a bit now and love the pedal feel and surprisingly the durability. These dont have the same vulc style sole that id prefer but i bet they’re some comfy jams! All Prolls on the origin of this one…

    September 16th

    Hey! A fixed specific sho I’d actually wear!

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