• kris
    May 7th

    Posted this little piece up late last night just in time to make the cut for #wheeliewednesday. Alex with a smooth little line and some shenanigans at the Davis pool ledges. Not much came of this day but it sure felt good to stretch those freestyle legs a bit!


    September 5th

    Summer Fix was a nice getaway from the norm and a good weekend down by the beach. On the day of the comp Anthony Combs needed a ride to the beach and Gnarlos was happy to oblige.



    February 20th

    My name is Alex-Gnarlos-Carlos whateverthefuck, and for some reason Kris gave me the keys to drive this bloggy so I’m going to be picking my brain of all the old nostalgic things that I love about this “sport”. These bikes have really come a long way since 23c’s, barspin clearance and Sugino cranks, so I’m going to be working my way back in time and displaying whatever is currently on my mind.


    Daniel really has some insane talent, bike control and diversity. He’s also been pedaling nonstop since the early Trick Track days and happens to be a fellow team rider. He’s one of those guys who can throw a pedal 180 followed by a switch pedal and you couldn’t tell the difference. It’s rare to find a pegless rider with the same mentality of one running pegs.
    This edit may be only about a year old but already falls into the timeless category because of the level of skill shown in merely a minute.
    Don’t beleeb me juh watch.

    And obviously, DESTROY BIKES don’t fuck around.

    February 19th

    Went out to get some stuff this weekend with the homies. Alex came away with this feeble down a big double kink. Wanted to try something new with these ones and put this together.


    February 4th

    Been ridin’ and filmin’ a lot lately hoping to get a couple decent edits together for Alex and I. Here’s a couple things from yesterday. Pretty stoked on how stuff is coming together…been pretty productive. Should have some video to post soon.



    January 31st

    Though I already added him to the crew page I just set Alex up to start posting some stuff on the site. Alex and I go back yearsss now and I ride with him more than anyone else that’s for sure. His days are spent in front of the computer already and he’s always complaining so why not give him a place to do put those two quality traits together. Ha. He’ll be occasionally dropping some reviews and rants on parts/designs. Obviously he’ll still be holding it down in edits and stuff…he just actually has to work now haha. Stoked to see what he brings to the site and be on the lookout for him at events this year helping cover shit. Don’t really have any new media of him to share so here’s a shot from when we went hunting recently. For magazines. Oh there’s some real stuff from fairly recently there too. K bye.





    January 24th

    I spent last Sunday filming with this dude as per the usual. Got a couple clips that’ll be in an edit soon and I also got this shot of  Alex and his Destroy Thunderfuck prototype. Thing looks awesome and Alex built it up proper with a few other new parts including some new cranks from the dudes at Eighthinch. I rode it around for a bit was real comfy on it. Ill have to get a real bike check up for this because the wishbone rear is so sickkk. This pose tho.

    October 4th

    Of all the series I’ve started this is for sure my favorite and certainly one that will stick around. Alex is no stranger to the site and is one of my best dudes. You’ve probably seen him in a lot of the videos on the site as we usually ride together. If he’s not in a video then he probably helped film or edit it. For his 330 segment he pretty much did it all. I think I see some Anthony farts in here but Mr. Rodriguez chopped this one up with his own flavor. The format strays a bit but this is some sick stuff at Mather, his second home. The next three episodes are underway with the likes of Kenny Arimoto and a couple more heavy hitters on deck so come back for those but in the mean time check Gnarlos getting creative with this weirdy techy peggy stuff. Thats ma boy!

    October 3rd

    I mean this kind of goes without saying considering i spend more time riding with Alex than anyone else hands down. Gnarlos also helps me out quite a bit with filming/editing while putting up with my crap. I just added a team page with the site refresh so I figure why not put something up officially? He’s also got the 330 spot for tomorrow bringing yous a few tricks he shopped up himself. Until then peep these photos from Jerome snapped when we hit up the Alleykitten in Oakland last month. These came out sick…click through to see Alex blasting out of that feeble downhill.

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    September 4th

    The dudes at Eighthinch asked me to do a little video bike check for them recently. I’ve never done anything like that and I’m not really one for talking into a camera so we went ahead and had some fun with it. I’ve been rolling on a Butcher for some time now and this particular frame for about a year. This was a nice little send off for it. Big ups to Alex and Anthony for helping get this done. Super fun day and I’m stoked with how it came out.