• kris
    May 27th

    I can’t remember the last time a FGFS bike check went up on here so last time I was out with Destroy’ Gnarlos we made it happen. What was supposed to be a day of filming turned into riding around beer hunting after Alex blew a tube. His 2013 Unicorn Killer may look a bit rough around the edges but you can bet it ride a ok. Click through for a handful more of photos and then hit Destroy to see what they’ve been working on…


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    June 3rd

    Yesterday Alex and I packed up our bikes and headed to Redwood City for the day to chill with the Destroy dudes and hang for Jeffy D’s birthday. Gnarlos needed to get a bandaid put on his fork dropouts before we cruised so we hit the Destroy spot for a bit. Between working on his shitty fork Todd pulled this bad boy out of a box for a peek. Some nice looking steel on this 27.2 pivotal post that you may be seeing sometime soon. A couple shots of that below and a few more from the day. I also picked up some of those new “hella” cranks and a pipe cap which I’ll post up after I snap some photos of thoseee.




    December 1st

    This is a fun bit of stuff from SF something like four months ago? Had a dope weekend with the homies riding around and chilling on the “beach” as its called. Haha. Locked out of the cars, beers at 2am on the beach, tons of riding and almost just as many falls. Thanks to Alex for putting this together for me. Expect some fresh stuff here in the next few weeks from us!

    November 20th

    Alex coming with some heaters right here! He been learning so much new shit lately its sick to see. Even though he never calls me to ride anymore…this is pretty fresh. Haha.