• kris
    January 5th

    Alonso has been stuck on two wheels for over a decade now and it truly shows in his drive. From putting in time on More Track Bike to being part of Chrome‘s Familia it’s no surprise he’s a force to be reckoned with. You can catch him lapping crits like Red Hook or simply check out the rad 2.5 minutes below!


    October 14th

    Sean Martin and Alonso Tal, and Massan were on site with MOBB Atlanta to host this year’s Samurai Hill checkpoint race. A solid turnout and a good deal of maneuvering ATL looks to have made for a proper street battle. Take a peek into what a bike race should look like…we need more of this!


    June 12th

    Leader finished up their rider video series this week with the one and only Alonso Tal. No stranger to the scene and a familiar face at races Alonso has long proven himself on the streets of LA. He’s a stand up dude with a proper project in MORE that’s surely worth popping over to after the credit roll!



    July 9th

    While out in LA the God & Famous got a chance to catch up with the one and only Alonso Tal. The rolled around the city a bit and came away with some proper photos all in a set right here. Always good stuff!