• kris
    December 30th

    Cool promo flick for Alphalab‘s newest frame offering the Satantrax. A solid look at the frame and some cruising around Indonesia. Bike looks dialed and there’s a hell of a sketchy decent in this. Narrow two wayroad sans bike lane, plenty of traffic and enough people coming at you head on to keep your eyes open. Dig it.


    October 29th

    Solid turnout for this Indonesian freestyle comp hosted by Alphalab. Definitely see some skill in the podium finishers and this park looks like it’s in cool ass location. Indonesia has been popping off lately always cool when stuff like this comes through.








    October 8th

    Some new stuff up in the Alphalab shop. New pom beanie and some promo stuff for their Satantrax frame plus a bunch more. Hop over to see all the goods.