• kris
    October 19th

    Last  June 57 year Thierry Saint-Léger completed a hell of a trip crossing being the first to traverse the length of the Alps on a track bike. Age aside, this is a hell of a feat with more climbing than most anyone would chose to endure. This epic seven minute piece chronicles that journey showing the highs, lows and awesome views along the way…


    September 9th

    I posted up the first one of these last week because it was just so damn rad. Here’s the second half of the journey that is equally as cool. Need to go on some gnarly bike adventure soon.



    September 5th

    Don’t worry we won’t be seeing a road bike takeover on here or anything but holy hell this Mavic bit is awesome. Couldn’t imagine riding through the Alps trying to tackle over 400 miles with 10 miles of climbing elevation. Epic fucking journey.