• kris
    April 5th

    Here at lockedcog we’re huge fans of adult beverages. Obviously. You might think beer is king as more often than not its the go to after a ride or good sesh. However, sometimes we can enjoy the finer things in life like say…a good cocktail concoction!

    As it happens my good friend, old roommate and og biking buddy is involved with a cocktail contest for Hangar One Vodka. I literally started riding bikes in downtown Sac years ago with Andrew. In the past couple of years he decided to get serious about adult beverages and as such has become quite the talented bartender/mixologist. With “bartender of the year” awards, tv news spots and a job as head bartender at Grange he really knows what he’s doing. The West Bengal Cocktail is his creation for the Hangar contest and man does it look bomb. Here’s a sick tutorial for the drink and please make sure to hop over to the voting page and help him out!

    As a side note…he and I have talked a few times about doing some beer/beverage related posts on here weekly. Perhaps a “Thirsty Thursday” or something. Possibly be looking for that.