• kris
    November 17th

    This is probably the best thing I’ve seen video wise for fixed freestyle in some time. Matt Reyes showing you that if you don’t know Mike or Andy you’re already blowing it…


    May 21st

    Andy has one of my favorite styles in fixed freestyle in that he really uses his fixed drivetrain to the fullest. Lots of style in this one with more tech than you can sink your teeth into. Worth nothing the opposite tricks in the mix and some creative editing to keep things interesting. This got me motivated to head out and throw a few spins!


    March 20th

    With his mix of style and creativity I always dig watching Andy get wild. In the modern fixed freestyle world of handrails and hammers there is definitely a tech void to be filled…and Andy is doing is part to top it off!



    June 7th

    Damn dude! Andy coming at us with another sick tarck style video with more new stuff I’ve never seen. Dig those one foot sliders and those 180 straight to fakie bar wheelies but the real deal is that wheelie to backwards wheelie. So sick. Always stoked to see people still killing it on big bikes!




    May 2nd

    New stuff from Andy Sparks is rare so you know this one has some solid stuff in it. Dig the bay area vibes especially considering there will be a whole mess of people in town for Ride and Style this weekend. 1:08 is soooo damn good. So smooth. Backward wheel circles are too good too. Keeping the tarck alive in this one for sure and doing it well.