• kris
    May 1st

    Jball is still releasing some photos from the Us Versus Them trip to Thailand a few weeks back.  More cool looks at the culture over there as the dudes bounced around on their bikes. Jensen vs. Jonathan Davis photo is too clutch. The rest here!



    April 17th

    JBall tossed up some a first set of shots from the recent UVT/CFTY Thailand trip. There’s more to come and plenty just posted so I picked out a couple favorites. Nothing like some fresh culture and building up bikes once you land somewhere. Dig seeing the dudes over there living it up.




    September 5th

    Summer Fix was a nice getaway from the norm and a good weekend down by the beach. On the day of the comp Anthony Combs needed a ride to the beach and Gnarlos was happy to oblige.



    August 27th

    Some fresh cell footage from some of the dudes down in San Jose. Good to see Montoya on a freestyle bike again lately plus those Plaza lines from Combs and Blanco are pretty legit. Can’t remember the last time I was down riding SJ…need to get back.




    June 17th

    Anthony Combs was in out here in Portland, OR for a couple days and I got to kick it and ride a little with him while he was chillin with Item-B! Things were all fun until tubes were popping, axles snapping, and motorcycles tipping. None the less tho, the main man at Item-b got some real sick shots in that short time check em out!


    April 16th

    The dudes aren’t models but they sure can strike a pose. Matt’s been posting up some recent flicks of some of the crew and their rides. Combs, Matt and Devon all posted up in front of some rad SF walls for some shots with theirs whips. Some of the most solid dudes in the game right here. Last shot of Anthony he’s repping that Breezy stuff as he’s been swooped up to rep them. Hit Wheel Talk for more good.




    February 21st

    Well this came out faster than I expected. The dude’s straight kill it in this!Combs literally raising the roof and Devon’s next level bars. This is too damn good. Bout to watch it again. Good stuff Matt!


    January 13th

    Matt and Combs went out to get some shots today and came away with this sick hop over threader. Can’t wait to see some clips from this. He hit that thing first try and made it look sick. Good stuff dudes.

    July 18th

    I’ve bee patiently waiting the drop of the new Chrome Fixed Free series and the time has finally come! Brian at Chrome just sent these images and specs of the new jams. It was only a matter of time before someone made some sick FGFS inspired bags and these things came out real nice. First up you’ve got the Delta if you’re into flap tops. These bags are going to be perfect for taking your necessities (tools, water, cameras, etc) with you while hitting spots out on your freestyle ride. Definitely peep the edit below that Colby shot with Wonka and Combs for the Delta. Solid six kink rail from Ed and a huge tuck from Anthony at some San Jo spots. Check the specs and more flicks after the jump then hop over to the Chrome store if you want to snag one of these bad mammas up. Ill be reviewing this beast or the second Fixed Free bag the District (see above post) after I send them through the wringer here in Sac so look for that!

    Edit: Also, don’t miss the iMiNUSD x Chrome Delta release party in San Jose tomorrow if you’re down that way!

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    July 9th

    Here’s another one I saw yesterday via Instagram…seems to be the quickest way to tease photos and videos these days. Anthony Combs popping over a nice rail down in SJ. I’m still way into that woodgrain decal job on his Grime GOAT. In person it looks about as good as paint! You know Combs got hops and this angle from Matt it too hesh.