• kris
    March 6th

    Tanner is the good homie and one of the few other bikes in town that I get to ride with. I really like riding with him because we have similar tastes in tricks and he’s actually given me quite a few pointers on how to land them. I’ve spent a lot of time filming with him for The Hunt alongside Anthony a while back and it’s crazy to see how much he has progressed. He always comes to the park telling me about new clips he’s gotten recently and it’s so sick getting to see them, it is serious banger after banger in this so don’t sleep on it!

    Proud of you ya’ big queer!

    September 4th

    The dudes at Eighthinch asked me to do a little video bike check for them recently. I’ve never done anything like that and I’m not really one for talking into a camera so we went ahead and had some fun with it. I’ve been rolling on a Butcher for some time now and this particular frame for about a year. This was a nice little send off for it. Big ups to Alex and Anthony for helping get this done. Super fun day and I’m stoked with how it came out.

    August 9th

    The homie Tanner and occasional lockedcog shredder Tanner is entering the Hunt! He’s a beast so you know when his Hunt part drops you’re going to be impressed. Some good bails in this one too! Welcome to the Tanner Show.

    August 2nd

    Met up with some of the homies this past weekend at Mather for a little shredding. Spent most of the day at the park just having fun and decided a cell edit would be sweet. Everyone got a little something for this so I’m stoked on the mix of styles in this one. Since these are just as fun for me to make I’ll be keeping them coming!

    Other riders:

    Alex Rodriguez
    Anthony Hernandez
    Gary Maxhimer
    Tanner Easterla

    The Nice Guys – “Good Shepherd”

    April 3rd

    Alex sent over this flip cam piece from a day at….surprise surprise…Mather. Haha. As much as I make a fuss about Mather it really is a damn fun park to ride. Check this one from the crew holding it own with some fixed freestyle from Alex and wood pushing from the rest of the dudes. Some sick hits in this for sure and a ton of fun. Dig it.

    As you can see Alex is on that weirdy stuff with tricks like this :)…

    January 17th

    The homie Anthony just got a light setup for his 60d so he can keep rolling after the suns gone down. Here’s some stuff from him and Alex testing the bad mamma out. Stoked on this…now if I can just get them to come downtown more!