• kris
    November 18th

    Pretty rad back story for this shot Phillip Arellano snapped of Antonyo Wothe. Guess this was at a school and after talking with the principal for a bit the dudes were allowed to sign some waivers and hit this rail. So sick.


    June 28th

    Phillip Arellano shot over this rad roller coaster ice of Antonyo for their clothing sponsor Koalition. Such a rad shot and sick to see Antonyo repping some new threads and a solid company. Threads are looking legit and this photos is even better. They’ve got a new site up and running so hop over to peep all their goods. Dig it.


    May 29th

    When you travel there’s almost 100% chance that you’ll be coming home with a cache of photos. Many of the images will meet their demise sitting on your hard drive until your computer takes a crap. Luckily that’s not always the case as with the few randoms that popped up on Sountrack. This big bar from Devon and Antonyo’s ice from a trip last year are just a couple of the goods from their spot so hop over.


    April 3rd

    There’s something to be said about solid rider portraits. Really gives you a sense for someone’s personality that you don’t get from a photo of them hitting a spot or riding a park. The black and white touch that Rick gives these just makes them better. Here’s Antonyo and Colin in their natural habitats. Doing what the do. Dig these a ton.



    March 28th

    I feel like I’ve seen this shot before or something like it…but either way its a rad photo. Antonyo is always on some next level shit with his riding making things looks easyyy. I recognize this sick spot and this double peg stall shot by Matt does it justice. Dig this.


    December 3rd

    Looks like Zane just made this Burro commercial for CFTY public. If you’ve seen the video you’ve seen this…check it anyway. Some pretty solid branding with the good vibes and familiar faces in the mix.


    November 16th

    Blawww! We all wanted to see this clip from Antonyo’s barbed fence stall. Well worth waiting for it to surface. He’s going pretty hard in this and finally pulls it. I don’t care how he landed back into that quarter this is nuts.

    November 14th

    Matt bringing another solid edition of Kvlt Klips for us. Some good riding and a few funny bit mixed in. Feelin that feeble to bathroom break. Hard line to nail.

    November 8th

    Here’s another one from the Palm’s Cycle event that I posted about yesterday. Antonyo is a beast when it comes to gnarly stalls…this one on a barbed wire fence So glad I caught this one on the Wrahw spot.



    November 6th

    Traffik upped some flicks from a little Palms get together and I spotted a familiar face or two in there. This shot of Antonyo with a little tight squeeze nose stall  action is dope. Have to say he’s probably got these and footy jams better than anyone in the game. That palm tree in the background caps the California vibe for sure. Dig that couch ice too. Such a good angle! Dig it.