• kris
    January 30th

    I’ve been juggling the idea of bringing on a couple people to the site to mix things up. BMX stuff makes it on here from time to time but I definitely don’t stay up on it like some. That being said the homie Armondo aka Mondo aka Pantsuit seemed like a perfect fit. We cruise the streets together a lot and he’s always posting edits in FB or sending stuff over he told me about while cruising. Dude knows 20s. He also knows bike polo considering that’s where Mondo spends the rest of his time. Should be able to squeeze some polo posts out of him from time to time as well. Sooooo…yeah…you should start seeing some occasional posts from him on here and more of his mug at events and in videos. Stoked.


    Stole this one from his Facebook so yall can see his pretty face.




    January 14th

    My buddy Armondo and I rolled around downtown saturday looking for weird spots to ride. Spent some time riding a few alley spots and came away with some stuff. Here’s Mondo with a weird smith 270 to flat plus a couple shots of a tbog and whip from me. We snagged some clips too but those will be dropped into the next group edit so stay tuned.

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