• kris
    May 19th

    Ive been seeing these thing pop up lately…most recently the one in Riverpark. I cruise by it everyday on my way to class and was a bit interested to know the story behind what happened. Ironically I got an email yesterday about it…check the Bee article for the story! Thanks to Stephen Crew for the heads up.

    April 13th

    Theres a bit up on the NY Times about the “fading cult of the messenger”…Prolls, Wonka and Krillz have a bit to say in it. John got us a mention in there as well…thanks dude! Im sure there’ll will be some huffing, puffing and over analyzing of the article but thats what journalism is for! Ha. Check it and drop some thoughts.

    December 28th

    Gotta get me one of these! DIY at its finest. Grab one of these off the Fast Pace blog…just a $1 or so donation. Im into it for sure.


    November 5th

    Was pretty essited when Brad a la Nem-Pro pointed this out to me…

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    October 4th

    Well in short yes, ESPN has written about fixed gears. Something that probably non of us saw coming. Mary Buckheit the young lady who wrote the article is either somewhat into bikes or did her research really well. Read More….

    October 1st

    Bicycle Built For You article.

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