• kris
    August 14th

    Fixie trick Friday! If you’re not familiar with Max as you can see he’s got some serious bike handling skills. More of his artistic cycling radness here and info on the wine rack here!


    January 5th

    The first half of this two parter featured David here getting wild on stage per the usual artistic cycling setup. This time he hits the streets for a little fresh air and gets just as awesome at handful of spots. The amount of skill and balance to do even half of this is insane. Dig it!


    November 25th

    Artistic cycling will always be awesome. Especially when you have dudes at good as David Scnabel here pushing the limits. Peep this first part of a series from People are Awesome…pretty wild.



    September 12th

    I’ve been a fan of Boys Noize for years so you can bet I’m stoked on this! Some nice artistic cycling in this bit for Lemonade by BN and Erol Alkan. Check it out and grab some of their tunes…both dudes are proper.