• kris
    July 23rd

    Always cool to see good people come together time and again for some dope collabos. Ass Savers has come a long way since their first “mudguards” and now have a sweet team up on their V3 with the homies at Pedal Consumption. Swoop here!


    March 25th

    When it come to supporting the scene I’d be hard to say that God & Famous isn’t out there soldiering on. Teaming up with the ever popular Ass Savers on this one they;re aiming to bring track photographer Connor out to NYC for Red Hook. Really dig this collabo with the Rocko’s Modern Life inspired graphics and overall clean aesthetic. These are super limited so swoop one while you can! #wesavingassoutthere



    September 5th

    This is the same footage from the previously released Ass Savers installation video…only better. This newer versions has some nice step by step instructions added to help make saving your ass a bit easier. I’ve got a bunch of these on hand for event prizes and have to say they’re pretty legit for when you’re in a pinch.



    May 8th

    Speaking of collabos here’s one that’s sure to take off. Ass Savers are probably one of the best rain accessories on the market right now and teaming up with PC is always a good move. Be a smart ass and grab one hereee.