• kris
    March 17th

    Most weekends the girlfriend and I skip town to break up the monotony that is life. Made it down south with the bikes and rolled around Santa Cruz. Played in the sand a bit with my Assassin. Also caught Splash the Boardwalk mascot looking pretty fly…


    July 5th

    I just got a set of these Concept Titan bars up and running on my freestyle bike. At 5.85″ ride and 29″ wide these things feel comfy on my medium Assassin. These drop in less than a month so stay on Concept to pick up a set. I’ll have a review up after I get some time in on ’em.



    April 24th

    Yesterday evening seemed like a good time to get my Concept Assassin built up. Haven’t had time to shoot actual photos just yet but heres a couple I snapped with my phone today at work. Riding it today for work  and so far thing feels super good. Smooth and the geo makes it super responsive. More soonnn.