• kris
    March 7th

    Kareem has been hard at work on their Loose Nuts video and with filming comes extra footage. This didnt make the cut for the piece but its still got some solid stuff in it. That rail at the end is the one i ended destroying myself and my bike on on the Cultur trip last summer. Ha. Think i saw this on Zlog first…but its all over.

    July 15th

    Next weekend marks the three year birthday of No Brakes ATL. It seems like just yesterday these guys got going, moved stores and kept things moving along. They’ll be having a little get together to celebrate next weekend with the Mishka x Wish “Get Pitted” tees and snapbacks on sale…as well as a nice collabo bike to feast your eyes one. Theres a couple shots of the gear snagged from highsnobiety/Wish as well as a teaser of the bike build below…Ratatat is always a solid choice for some tunes.

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    September 15th

    The ever popular Faster Mustache event from last weekend…

    Faster Mustache 24 Hour Urban Bike Relay from Franco Roberts on Vimeo.

    July 13th

    No Brakes setting up the new shop!

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