• kris
    October 26th

    This shot reminds me of a few years ago. Volume thrasher with some little 26″ tires and narrow bars. Dig every bit of it haha. Little fall vibe nosie leaves, hoodie and all. Caught on Luke F2’s flickr.

    October 14th

    I went out and enjoyed some fall weather this evening so this bit seems about right. Looks like a fun little trailer to shoot at the perfect time of year for a ride. Can’t wait to see what these dudes have for us on the 31st!


    February 21st

    Beat form a super long day at work…this however put me in a good mood. Just some fun with some hoppity tunage. I can dig this.

    September 30th

    A nice little feel good fall bit right here. Just like a lot of people fall is my favorite season. Every year I post a bunch of fall theme videos and photos…so you’ve been warned haha. This is a good one here. Gotta love the titty bar stop with no locking up. Haha.