• kris
    January 13th

    The family at God & Famous have been hard at work making sure 2016 started of with a bang. Introducing the Dead Fucking Last collection killing you this week in cooperation Southern California’s Aventon. Inspired by the off days, when you push but still come up short, as a reminder that making it through the struggle is all part of journey. Everyone has the off days and now you have some inspiration with the DFL collection. The cap, kit, sock, tape and mountain bar can be swooped here on Friday. In the meantime peep the preview and build some stoke with the video below captured in the hills of the Angeles Forrest!



    “You’re Dead. Learn From This And Push On. It’s Not Always About The Outcome But The Journey That Got You There. And The Things That Don’t Kill You Will Only Make You Stronger. Eating A Loss Makes Winning Taste That Much Better. This Is Dedicated To The Off Days. Dead Fucking Last.”





    August 27th

    Aventón has been hitting the track racing scene hard this year often bring back gems like this. Follow their team as they warm up and hit the asphalt for Wolfpack‘s return of the Civic Center Crit. A good look at the day as a whole and some solid production to polish it off!



    June 27th

    Team Aventon out in full force at this year’s Wolfpack Hustle Short Line!


    April 7th

    Hit the streets of LA in this read bit featuring Aventon‘s newest track machine the Diamond. Stepping up their game a bit with carbon accessories and diamond shaped tubing aimed to cut down on flex when you’re really cranking. Pop over to their spot to peep the details and find your closest dealer to swoop. They definitely nailed it with the production on this one!



    March 27th

    A good look at this years Wolfpack Marathon Crash with Aventon team rider Kym Nonstop. Drone shots are clutch on this and give you a pretty good idea of the mass that that took over the LA marathon course. A good bit of dialogue from Kym and Wolfpack founder Don Ward rounds it out proper!