• kris
    August 15th

    I have a serious problem with backpacks. I’m pretty sure there’s something like 5 hanging on my wall that get used regularly right now including my Mishka Panzer from a couple years back. They’re keeping the sick sacks coming with this Lamour Supreme piece. Graphics on this are sick and the interior layout looks to be on point with lots of places to stash your stuff. The release party for these isn’t until tomorrow but you can grab one of these right now. I’m sure they’ll sell out so I’d jump on it considering they’re only $65.

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    March 9th

    Naturally I had to migrate over to Burro once I got to NAHBS this year. Being that they were the only “fixed freestyle” associated brand there for the most part I needed to see what their setup looked like. There was a nice collection of their bags and straps on display in once of the coolest little layouts. Seriously some of the closest attention to detail at the whole show…bones, candles, sacks and crates. It all looked so proper! They had essentially anything you need as far as bags. Hip pouches, messenger bags, backpacks, rucksacks. It was all there for you to drool over. Really might have to nab me one of those beer holsters! Haha. There’s a bunch more flicks below so click through then head to Burro’s spot to grab some gear!

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