• kris
    June 7th

    A little bail flick out of China for your Friday afternoon. It’s been a long week so why not watch some people get broke off…even just a little bit. Some good ones in here despite the naked kid at the end. Haha. Scooter cop about wet himself!


    October 4th

    This one slipped through yesterday btut you know I love some bails. First thing I thought of seeing that double set was a 180 would be sick…head banger looks gnarly. Fun bail reel for sure.

    January 17th

    Oh. God. This might be the worst fixed freestyle fall I’ve ever seen. Matt was there to catch this while they were all in Austin…stoked that Corey came through this. Some really brutal business right here! Prollster has more info on the what went down…

    January 9th

    I want sick places like this to ride bikes! This is seriously one of the coolest looking spots I’ve seen. Shred Crew getting buck and bucked up. Check it.

    January 6th

    Oh whoa! Pretty gnarly fall right here. Definitely a sweet rail so I hope Alfonso grabs this!

    March 28th

    I couldnt really tell what was going on here in these shots from Slum until i read his description. These are by far my least favorite types of falls…and seemingly the ones that mess up the most. Forest taking it like a champ.