• kris
    April 16th

    So im in a pretty pissy mood this morning…perfect for some bails. Yet another one minute bit out of japan but only bail clips this time. That ledge is pretty hefty.




    April 10th

    Always into some B-Roll stuff and when it’s coming from the Shred dudes its bound to be sick. Such a good mix of bails and random clips to keep you entertained all the way through. Baby bikes,  broken bars, a bit of fire and a lot of pain I’m sure. All in all this is one pretty damn impressive collection of the Shred crew eating it harddd but having fun doing it. Perfect. Dig this a ton.



    January 18th

    Missed this bail reel yesterday. Havent seen anything like this for a bit…got some good ones in the mixxx.

    December 7th

    I don’t hit youtube too much but it seems like when I do there’s always something to post up. Bail reels are always sick to watch…so long as nobody gets too broke off. Here’s a good batch of ’em from some of the kids down south.


    August 3rd

    Phil Will dropping some extra bits from his last edit. Alternate angles and bails are always a good watch. Most of these spots still trip me out. Check it.

    May 21st

    Ramon upped this with the tag “you aint doing work, until you’re gettin’ hurt”…I’d say that’s about right. He dropped all the bails he’s had on his puter from the past year and there’s some good ones in there. Man these are some of my favorite videos to watch. Really give you some insight to what goes into learning new stuff! Dig this one Mon!

    April 25th

    I’m down with some more bail flicks!

    April 2nd

    If nothing else this one fro Spun is worth it for the last bail. Pretty gnarly. Good mix of some big BMX and a few fixed clips. There’s actually a bunch of solid clips in this from what might be the sickest spot ever. A dope bank, ledge hop, ledge, handrails and stairs all packed into a nice little spot.

    January 14th

    One thing I always try to collect is a bunch of bail clips. They’re just so fun to go back and look at later. Here’s a bunch from Cole Ruffing. You gotta eat some shit to get things down. Dig this one.

    January 11th

    Sol just posted up this photo of him cuddling with some benches haha. I love these kinds of shots. Stoked that Greg got it so well. Peep more outtakes over at Ninjacats.