• kris
    August 22nd

    Packy definitely kills it in this Balhogs edit. He tried to keep it creative in this one and with clips like those last two I’d say he nailed it.



    December 6th

    Yes! You know Balhogs and the Ratpack got the goods. Some RVA shredding in this with a bunch of sick spots. Sam is running that brake like a boss with that long cable. Sick to see him put it to use in this one. Good shit.

    December 3rd

    Balhogs never disappoints with their outside the box ideas that are super practical. Looks like they just released a nice little sticker pack just in time for Christmas. Grip strip and a couple sticks. Well worth the 5 bones. Grab it hereee.

    October 3rd

    Balhogs joints are always sick to watch. Such a good mix of dudes on the squad so there’s a good mix of styles. Lots of sick stuff at one of the coolest skateparks. I see a brake cable in there. Been thinking about a rear brake for a little bit and how that might change up FGFS a bit.

    September 6th

    This is a pretty good idea from Balhogs. Having calloused hands definitely help keep them from getting sore while you ride but if they get too gnarly they can crack and bleed. Now you can keep them in check with the Callus Bust3r by filing and oinkmenting them. Some real odd yet super useful stuff coming out of the Balhogs camp!

    August 29th

    This is for sure the best wax I’ve seen on the market. Keep you and your wax clean when you’re prepping a spot. I haven’t seen anything like this before so props to the Balhogs dudes for this one!

    August 23rd

    Looks like there was some recent work to the Balhogs page so I popped over to check it. This shot of Sam hitting a dope pedal feeble was up on there. Looks so smooth! Balhogs for all your piggly wiggly needs.

    February 19th

    Balhogs has some heaters on the crew no doubt. Sean coming with some solid clips in their newest installment. J at BHSK got the jump on this one by a few minutes!

    February 14th

    Torey posted this nice jammer up over the weekend. Always been a fan of his riding style and I always will be! Creativity is where its at. Balhogs got a crew to be reckoned with no doubt.

    January 25th

    Bmore Fixed crew always brings the goods! I like the diversity and creativity in all the stuff they put out…this included. Stoked on this one right here.