• kris
    January 22nd

    Bangkok Bound is live! Zane just upped the full length from laster year’s epic trip to Bangkok. The sections of this have been leaking onto the internet the past week but have been stitched together for the real deal. Sit back and take a trip with some of the best dudes on the freestyle scene!


    January 20th

    The final section from Chop Em Down‘s Bangkok Bound is live for the day leading into the full release. Street riding is always the best so naturally it should saved for last. JBall‘s got some of the cleanest snaps in the mix and that last rail with RSK’s is pretty wild!




    January 15th

    The Bangkok Criterium returned for it’s 5th year in 2014 and had to be fun as hell. Bringing together all sorts of cycling from sprints to fixed freestyle with a killer criterium race to cap things off. Definitely one of the better event setups I’ve seen with proper freestyle and crit courses and plenty of stuff happening all around.



    May 13th

    Really into these BlackSunday bits the more I see them. Some solid riding in this one from Thailand and a bunch of dope spots. All around solid street riding from these dudes.



    June 3rd

    So sick to see these dudes over there doing their thing. Santos paid Wonka a little visit over in Thailand and threw this together for us. Some sold clips in here and a cool look at the city. Dig it.

    May 23rd

    Well hell this is one really well shot and edited event video. Thailand is going off still as far as fixed bikes go…stoked to see it. Can’t help but be jealous of Ed for getting to be out there! So rad dude. Soak it in. Looks like a good event and a real good time. Man I need to find me a way out of this country for some of this stuff.

    September 20th

    this makes me really want to go back to Asia 🙁