• kris
    September 13th

    It’s no secret that Polo & Bike have been hard at work this year further establishing themselves in the Red Hook and other major criterium series. Hard work aside they still manage to find the time for solid recaps like this one from the most recent Barcelona No. 4 event. Give it a watch then go see what’s new in their world…




    September 15th

    Spain’s own POLOANDBIKE showed up to this year’s Red Hook Crit Barcelona in full force. A complete look at the event form pre-race street sessions to the banging cowbells at the main event. Definitely one of the better looks at one of the biggest criteriums of the year!


    January 13th

    200 miles in Barcelona sounds pretty perfect right now. Can’t make the trip but we can tag along with some dedicated dudes as the ride the same 200+ miles of the 1911 “Volta” a Catalunya. Missed this one when it went up a few months back but it’s awesome enough to give a look still. A long one so kick back to some weird sounds and cool views…



    “In 1911 took place the first Volta a Catalunya, consisted of 3 stages: Barcelona – Tarragona, Tarragona – Lleida and Lleida – Barcelona.

    On Saturday March 29th at sunset, we started from Plaza Sarria (BCN), to address the route BCN – TGN – LLDA – BCN, with a total of 350 km with 3500 m of altitude, for ones too much, for others only a little, for us … MORE!”

    October 6th

    This is one hell of a look at this year’s Red Hook Barcelona from the Polo & Bike crew. Complete with rider interviews, race footage, side events and a bunch more all chopped up nicely to give you a proper look at an awesome event. After seeing this it’s hard to think of a reason not to run to Barcelona next year…more on Polo & Bike!




    September 10th

    Too many legit Red Hook Barcelona videos hitting the web right now to choose from! This one from Royal gives you a look at the team’s journey through Spain to the main event. Always into seeing these flicks from the different crew’s perspectives as none of the trips are ever the same. Track stand strip down? Hit Royal for more!


    September 8th

    Wolfpack sent a couple of their finest out to the Spain for this year’s Red Hook Crit Barcelona. One of the better looks at the event and how awesome it really is to travel the world racing bikes. Hit Wolfpack for more!



    August 28th

    Just a couple days ’til all the action of this year’s Red Hook Barcelona starts flooding the web. Sure to be a stellar event as usual and like a lot less wet than this years NY flooding. Check back for updates as they come and peep this awesome recap of the year’s earlier event while you wait!


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    March 31st

    Some real fire here from Lino and Ennui on a fun trip to Barcelona. Whether it’s charging into a long unluc-e or throwing wild combos Ricardo definitely goes all in. The double peg to x double was probably my favorite clip but no matter becauase this one’s good the whole way though.



    September 5th

    Thelema Artworks teamed up with Trimble racing this year to bring us the official Red Hook Barcelona flick. A lot of cool shots in here with a mix of angles and even a few copter cam slips. I’d say this is definitely the best video of the event that we’ll see.



    August 27th

    This is hands down the best coverage I’ve seen of the Red Hook Barcelona event and it’s that much sweeter coming from the horses mouth Mike Martin. One hell of a perspective on the sport and the gravity (or extreme gratitude) of events like these. Do yourself a favor and click through the photos brought back while reading the tidbits that accompany them. It’s a rad read on a rad event. These dudes have been there through it all. Much more on MASH.