• kris
    February 10th

    Not exactly sure the origin of these “batwing” carbon risers but I couldn’t pass up a chance to give them a go. My co-worker got them from Interbike some years back and just recently took them off his track bike. No matter their make they look pretty damn rad…click through for a closer look at these one piece bad boys!



    http://youtu.be/pLMNxVDwUu8 Read More….

    August 15th

    The old friends at Eighthinch sent out a couple of their newest bars to put through the ringer. Having just been released the new drop bar and small risers are a huge improvement over their past models. Since the my tarck build is made up of almost all Eighthinch goods the riser will be right at home while the drops will end up on a track build. Here’s a couple snaps from a grimy downtown alley…check back for more after these get broken in!


    January 3rd

    Time to head to the grave with the new Burial bars from Altar Tribe. Dig the anti grip slip idea on these and you already know thicker gauge 4130 is going to take some abuse. Peep the tech talk (chock full of some metal slams) below and hit their store to swoop some grassroots FGFS goods!



    October 30th

    Colby just shot over a link to the new Steven Jensen bars that hit the web today. No more pre orders this is the real deal and they’re ready to go. Diggin’ the angles on these. Hit SKYLMT to swoop a set!



    October 16th

    The time has come to drop some money on these Steven Jensen SKYLMT bars. Some of the best looking bars on the market with those engraved logos. Pre-order them right here.



    October 11th

    Altar Tribe has hit the web with all sorts of stuff to get your grubby hands on. All DIY down in Southern California from the minds of some of the raddest dudes in fixed freestyle. Hit their webstore for more!



    August 6th

    New bars from Hold Fast looking mighty nice. No gussets on the four piece Vector and a 5″ rise so they’re fixed freestyle current. Dig the clean lines the bends and lack of gussets on these make. More on Hold Fast.


    August 5th

    Unknown has been cranking out new track stuff faster than anyone these days. Their new track stem and bars look like some damn good quality and if you’re looking to update your cockpit come in at just over $100 together. Swoop ’em at City Grounds.



    July 5th

    I just got a set of these Concept Titan bars up and running on my freestyle bike. At 5.85″ ride and 29″ wide these things feel comfy on my medium Assassin. These drop in less than a month so stay on Concept to pick up a set. I’ll have a review up after I get some time in on ’em.



    April 18th

    A couple weeks back while while out filming with some of the dude for CFTY 2 I snapped my Spike bars. They were a bit bent already and had taken a beating so it wasn’t too surprising but a bit of a bummer that i’d be out of comish all day. Lucky for me Johnny Coward is a solid dude and had these in his car to let me roll with. He said that these are prototypes of something to come from LDG and so far I dig how they ride. Feel stiff and look rad as fuck.