• kris
    March 6th

    This is absolutely pointless but sooo damn cool! Cool little motion sensor R2D2 put to good use detecting barspins. Too funny from Konfour.

    February 12th

    A little from the 209 crew!

    February 2nd

    Looks like Chacon and Lingo linked up a couple days ago and got some sick flicks down in SD. Check the one below and hit Mike’s blog for a couple more! The spot in the first flick looks so damn fun!

    July 20th

    Super smooth truck in here. Bar. 360. Bar 360. I get it haha. Good stuff from the FAST crew.

    April 11th

    Mike shot me this dope flick of him throwing a bar down a 9 snapped by Angu Sung. So clean man!