• kris
    October 8th

    The Forward Set crew teamed up with Bicycle Belts again to bring an updated version of their U-Lock belt to the streets. Some added durability and just a clean of a look on the newest pieces. Recycled and ready to roll. Swoop one here!



    August 9th

    Rad collabo between Topo and Prolly on this relatively simple web belt. That purple pops like no other and according to John these things don’t need to be broken in and keep your britches up proper. Grab one here!



    May 24th

    Kevin Daniel from Wheelmen shot me over these shots of some of their product…stuff is looking good. Ive seen their tees around for a bit but never really got a look at their baggage. Hip bags are looking real proper with all their pieces having a little more styling than you might expect from a bag/clothing company. Check their goods on at Wheelmen and Company.

    Minuteman Messenger Bag:

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    September 3rd

    How sick is this thing?!

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    August 26th