• kris
    October 6th

    The Heavy Pedal thinking outside the box with the release of their new Modular Kit series. The three three jerseys in the collection pair with any of the three matching bibs for a total of nine different possible combos. Inspired by the Memphis Design and Architecture group from the 80’s you’re sure to stand out in any combo you snag here



    December 8th

    A new collection of soft goods just hit the web from the pals at The Heavy Pedal. A mix of tees and a rad hoodie to help you stock your closet with some fresh threads for the coming season. Click through to check the whole run and be sure to look over their new kits that landed last week as well!


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    June 24th

    Cadence with a bunch of new things that should get y’all buzzin’ a bit. First up is their new women’s specific Club Flow kits something never seen form the Cadence camp before. If you did the design and have a pair you can grab one to rock here as well. Rounding out the new new is the Eye of the Tiger tee that went up over the weekend…que Katy Perry then hurry up and buy!


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