• kris
    June 18th

    One of the features at this year’s Bike Film Festival is this bit documenting Bill and his food deliveries in Brooklyn. Dude’s 52 and still holding it down on two wheels like a champ! More on the video here and be on the lookout for this to hit the web sooner than later…



    May 5th

    The Bicycle Film Festival is returning to Sacramento this year with the AMGEN Tour of California. This Friday and Saturday  you can catch some rad flicks over in Freemont Park right across from Hot Italian. Lucas Brunelle’s newest video and some other good stuff in the lineup so if you’re around stop by…we’re one of the few FREE stops on the BFF tour. I’ll be out there Friday wandering around with stickers and stuff so come holler! Trailer posted is from ’09 but definitely one of the best yet…



    November 6th

    Cool bit from Kind featuring the Bike Film Festival man himself Brendt Barbur. Pretty much covered all the bases with shot of Brendt cruising NYC on everything from a track bike to a foldable commuter. After chatting with this dude at the few BFFs we had here in Sac this is definitely right up his alley. Good vibes.



    February 4th

    Sick to see Goldsprints still popping up around the world. This is from BFF in Sydney last year but I’ve seen a few other vids like this lately. I’ve said it far too many times…wish we still had people organizing this stuff here in Sac! Might have to see whats good. Beers and bikes at a bar. Always fun.



    December 13th

    I remember seeing this at BFF this year and so loved it! Haha. Pretty sure this got one of the best if not best receptions actually. So spot on with a lot of stuff and an interesting way to look at day laborers. Some really funny parts in this and just an super awesome piece in general. Stoked to have seen this go up on Zloggy, a bit ago.

    August 2nd

    Well this just reminded me that I didn’t get to NYC this year. Nice coverage of BFF in NYC from Sake Group. Looks like they had a swell time out there.

    July 18th

    So these are way overdue. Like a couple a months haha. Mikey took some sick shot of the Bicycle Film Festival trick comp that I helped with in May. I was busy trying to get down before the comp started and judging atop the Uhaul wallride during the event. Ha. There’s a bunch more on my Flickr and I should be adding a few more in a sec as well.

    July 9th

    Grime boys know whats good. Just peep this. Always sick!

    June 8th

    Kind of bummed that I wont be making out to New York for BFF again this year. Not unless money starts falling from the sky anyway. Haha. It should be a solid time with a ton of good events and stuff to peep your eyes at. Grime boys are coming through on the fixed events. Graphic on the flyer is super sick.

    May 19th

    I don’t think I saw this at last years Bicycle Film Festival…but I usually end up getting too distracted and miss some stuff anyway. Paris always looks interesting to ride in…