• kris
    July 22nd

    Kareem sent through the last of the Big Money Hustlaz parts yesterday with Steven Jensen and Tom Lamarche. Steven’s part still kills with tailwhips and stuff like that double peg bar uprail around 3:20. Prettys sure that was a fixie first.






    Tom’s style is really fucking raw so you know he goes for it his BMH part. Still on 700s back in 2011 but looking good no matter. Curved wallride and a the dirt park stuff are too sick. For more from the Loosenuts crew check out Southern Safari. Won’t be disappointed.


    July 19th

    Pretty sure this some of the first footage from when Jakob Santos made the switch to “26 wheels. This was also back when firecrackers were the jam…pretty sure everyone in Big Money Hustlaz had one in their section. The one at :36 is legit coming out of that feeble.



    July 18th

    Pretty sure everyone in this friends section from Big Money Hustlaz is still holding it down in fixed freestyle. Although my favorite clip in this is probably Mike Dinh’s bar at the end. Shit is still huge. RIP Mike Dinh.


    July 17th

    Torey’s section from BMH is still one of my favorites. He’s just got a wild style and can hit stuff that you probably wouldn’t even think to do. Not that he can’t manhandle some big shit like that gap to firecracker. Plus the 180 over the fish gap is a classic for sure.


    July 16th

    Kareem’s section is next up in the BMH web upload. I still remember that watermelon 4Loko build from when the nasty malt beverage was getting pulled off the shelves left and right. Some hefty rails in this especially for 2011. For more good make sure to peep Southern Safari…might be the best $8 you’ve spent in a while.


    July 15th

    Kareem is going to be upping the sections from his 2011 release Big Money Hustlaz this week. If you havent seen this youre definitely missing out on one of the best FGFS full lengths to date. Watched this one a lot myself and with a part per day hitting the web you can download the whole vid. For something a bit more current from Kareem peep the Loose Nuts road trip clips in Souhern Safari. Road trips always make for solid flicks.




    March 9th

    Usually if I don’t see something till days after its been all over I’m hesitant to post it up yet again. I never hesitate to posting something from Torey! Always been stoked on his riding style and the flicks he puts out. Just brings some super sick creativity always. For that…ill always post his jams. Get Big Money if you haven’t already!

    August 11th

    I’ve been working with my buddy Nick of Team FAD on this for a bit now. It’s going down this weekend here in Sac! Going to be a really fun event with a ton of people coming together to make it happen.

    Here’s a few things to note:

    – Still tracking down a projector for the Big Money Hustlaz premiere. The one usually have access to might not be available. If you’re going to be here and have one holler.
    – The video premiere and after party will likely be 21+ as they will be inside The Golden Bear. Everything else will be all ages. There may be a possibility of hand stamps for this though I’m not too sure just yet.
    – The trick comp will be outside the venue and taking place during the fashion show. I’m trying to bring together a few small ramps and rails/boxes for this. Its a best trick comp and in a parking lot so its not going to be super buck but should be super fun! Alleycat, trick comp, fashion show, live art, live DJs, video premiere and an after party. Be there!

    Thanks to all the sponsors for coming through on this…made a huge difference!

    Chrome Bags
    Pedal Hard
    The Golden Bear

    July 20th

    In case you didn’t know Kareem’s newest creation is in and is up in the Loose Nuts store to snag. I just got the confirmation yesterday that I’ve got a venue here in Sac to premiere for the Lockedcog 3 year anniversary next month. Its going to be part of a wild event with an alleycat, trick comp, video premiere, fashion show and after party. A bunch of creative types are coming together to make this event pop off. Details are going to be coming out real quick so stay tuned!